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Denplan Care

Routine preventative care from your dentist including examinations, radiographs, hygiene treatments, fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, bridges and dentures. Treatment that requires laboratory work will incur extra charges. Cosmetic work, implants and orthodontics is excluded.

Denplan Essentials

Covers routine examinations twice a year, one hygiene session and routine radiographs every two years. Also a discount is given on all other treatments.

Please note we are a private practice, adults can either pay privately fee per item or join Denplan.


Private Fees

Denplan Care

New Patient Examination


Routine Examination £51.00 Included
Examination Child  £23.00 Included
Radiographs each £13.50 Included
Routine Hygiene Appointment £69.00 Included
White Fillings from £121.00 Included
Root Canal Treatment from £458.00 Included
Crowns from £672.00 Lab Fee
Porcelain Veneers from £672.00 Lab Fee
Porcelain Inlays from £672.00 Lab Fee
Bridge Unit from £672.00 Lab Fee
Dentures from £682.00 Lab Fee
Home Whitening Treatment £299.00 £299.00
B Splint £300.00 £300.00
Six Month Smiles from £2500.00 from £2500.00
Inman Aligner from £1500.00 from £1500.00
Extractions from £126.00 Included