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TMJ and Splints

TMJ Problems
The letters, TMJ, are a commonly used abbreviation of the words temporo-mandibular joint. This is the joint that is found in front of the ear and connects the jawbone to the skull. Proper function of the TMJ is dependent on the maintenance of healthy teeth with a properly balanced bite. When the TM Joint is not working properly, you may experience noise and/or discomfort as you open and close your mouth. You may experience discomfort in your jaw muscles as you chew and even when at rest. You may suffer with headaches and migraines. Treatment involves a thorough examination both intra-orally and extra-orally to determine the cause of the problem. The goal is to bring the TM joint and the muscles of the jaw into a comfortable and healthful balance using soft or hard splint therapy.

Now! An effective method of preventing JAW AND HEADACHE PAIN
SCI – Sleep Clench Inhibitor (previously known as NTI-tss)

The SCi is the most clinically effective FDA approved treatment for TMD, bruxism, chronic tension headaches and medically diagnosed migraines.

The SCi works by reducing the parafunctional intensity of the temporalis, masseters and lateral pterygoid muscles.

B Splints

The B-Splint is used for rapid harmonisation of occluso  muscular disorders and comprises of an upper and lower appliance. The posterior teeth can be fully covered, providing retention for the appliance and preventing any supra eruption of posterior teeth. The lower splint has a flat bite plane along the central incisal region and the upper has a ramp over the central incisal area resulting in no posterior contact. This provides a smooth transition into excursive movements and consequently muscle activity is reduced.